Revolutionizing Privacy Through The Blockchain

WraithSecure provides privacy and anonymity to transactions by mixing transfers with the pool of funds within Wraith. WraithSecure ensures outgoing transfers remain anonymous utilizing built in VPN and mixing protocols. By utilizing WraithSecure we obscure the traceability of your transfers and your online identity.

The Founding of Wraith

We are a team of individuals that are tired of the many malicious projects infecting the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We vow to ensure our community is provided with a safe and fully transparent environment where they know their investment is safe from scams.

With Wraith, we strive to establish a safe place with a worthy BSC Token in which to invest. We are utilizing multi-sig wallets on our deployer wallet, WraithSecure liquidity Pool, and marketing wallet. THESE ARE OUR ONLY WALLETS. No one on the team has been allocated any tokens, and this means any tokens held by the team are paid for with their personal investments alone.

The Project includes automated liquidity compiling to replenish the token's liquidity pool. Wraith will not use bots to manipulate the price or attempt any "pump and dumps" as we establish a serious, legitimate project with morals. Wraith will have a 12% tax on all transactions: Transfers from wallet to wallet, Sells, and Buys.

Token Address - 0x8690cb98496ef0f8c6417d78b5e0e29907668808

Our Multi-Sig Wallets

MARKETING WALLET - 0x31e81C5F2F8BB07992A596Ea065fB64cecf33225
WRAITH VAULT - Under Development
TEAM WALLET - 0xb526C7FC6F9cbB8BE6806302940FB713BbBE6116

WraithSecure is a wallet that will interact with a range of privacy pools integrated for your assets, starting with BNB on the Binance Smart Chain. Take any supported token deposited in your WraithSecure wallet and make your transfers more anonymous when filtered through our privacy pools. Your funds are being sent to a smart contract specifically designed to mix them with other funds in the pool. You may withdraw anytime you like. The deposits and withdrawals you make are more secure and private, making it much harder to trace your actions. People viewing transfers made using the service will find it explicitly challenging to determine transaction history.

Moving forward, we will increase the number of both tokens and blockchains supported by the WraithSecure Wallet. We will seek to support a range of alt-coins and more significant stable tokens on the Binance Smart Chain in the coming months. Then, we will extend support to other Ethereum based networks such as Ethereum Mainnet. Then turn to the Polygon Network (MATIC), the Tron Network (TRON), and the Neo Network (NEO/GAS), as well as bespoke Ethereum based chains such as the OKExChain (OKB/OKT). In the end, we will include BTC

We will continue to enhance the privacy and security of our product through encryption, decentralized networks, and secure messaging. We will be adding access controls such as 2FA, intending to provide a ubiquitous one-stop solution for Defi and privacy and security-aware users for all their financial and communication needs.

$WRAITH Tokenomics & Features

Total Supply = 9,400,000,000,000
Circulating Supply = 5,400,000,000,000
Vested (locked) tokens = 4,000,000,000,0000

WraithSecure LP

A future liquidity pool will be generated for WraithSecure features.


Through Auto-Liquidity compiling, the liquidity pool is boosted with every transaction.


With every transaction, a portion will be removed from circulation forever. Increasing scarcity and demand.


To ensure only the most qualified personnel are working for you. Wraith will change the way Blockchain operates forever.


A constant stream of funding to bring $Wraith to the darkest corners of the world. Next stop, Blockchain takeover.

We Care About Your Anonymity

WraithSecure is a wallet with privacy pools integrated for your assets, and we are starting with BSC. Take any BSC tokens deposited in your WraithSecure wallet and make your transactions anonymous when filtered into our privacy pools. Your funds are being sent to a smart contract and mixed with other funds in the pool. You may withdraw anytime you like. The deposits and withdrawals you make are entirely anonymized, rendering all your actions completely untraceable. No one will ever be able to view any of the transfers you have made.

BSC First, But We Plan to Cover All the Major Chains

The core team of Wraith and its' developers are focusing on bringing out the WraithSecure utility on the Binance Smart Chain. Expansion from the BSN network is in the development stage, and the work is progressing.

We Make Your Money Private

What you do with your money is your business. Deposit your funds into the WraithSecure Wallet and push them through the privacy pool. Only you will know what funds you have or how they are managed.

Never Compromise Transactions Again

With each trade or withdrawal, you start on a brand new address without a history of previous activities. We know what those who value their privacy want and need.

Keep Your Identity Secret

Know Your Customer Requirements are a constant threat around the world. Your privacy is our business, and we will never ask for your KYC information.

Anonymizing Your Identity With a Chrome Wallet

Deposit your funds into the WraithSecure Wallet and mix your funds in the privacy pool to hide their origin. When you make a withdrawal, you have a clean slate with a new address. 

Don't We All Want Our Privacy

With Wraith, we give it to you with the most secure and private wallet in the world for the first time in the history of the blockchain revolution.


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Contact Us

Reach out to us any time if you have any questions or feedback for us.